4 TH B4E Global Summit 2010


Powering Growth for the Global Green Economy

As world leaders struggle to negotiate a new global climate deal, businesses across the globe are already addressing climate change together with many other urgent environmental issues, turning crises into opportunity through green leadership and innovation.

Companies are transforming the way they operate by developing new products and services to solve the world’s environmental challenges and reduce greenhouse emissions. Powering growth for a global green economy. But there’s still much to be done.

B4E, the Business for Environment Global Summit, is the leading international conference for dialogue and business-driven action for the environment. The 4th annual summit will be held in Seoul, South Korea, in April 2010. CEOs and senior executives from some of the world’s largest multinational corporations will join leaders from governments, international agencies and NGOs to discuss resource and energy efficiency, green growth strategies, clean tech innovations and partnerships.

Over three days of presentations, seminars and debate, B4E 2010 will galvanize the international business community into further action, highlighting the vital role that companies can play and inspiring them to become low carbon leaders.

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