South Korean sustainability successes recognised through Carbon Trust assurance

This article was originally published by Carbon Trust and is republished with permission.


The successful efforts of a number of South Korean organisations to reduce their environmental impacts, taking action on both climate change and water scarcity, have been recognised through the award of Carbon Trust assurance.


Since 2011 the Carbon Trust has been partnering with the Korea Productivity Center (KPC), South Korea’s national industrial productivity organisation and certification body, to offer assurance services. These services include the award of the Carbon Trust Standard, the leading global certification recognising organisations reducing their environmental impact, as well as the Carbon Trust’s label providing assurance of a product’s carbon or water footprint. 


LG Electronics




LG Electronics has had a number of products certified, including its water purifier, air purifier, LG Styler steam closet, and the first ever Carbon Trust certification for a vacuum cleaner with its A9 model. The water purifier also became the first product ever to receive Carbon Trust water footprint certification.


Samsung Electronics




Samsung Electronics has worked with KPC and the Carbon Trust to successfully certify the carbon footprint of each generation of its flagship Galaxy range of smartphones since the S2 in 2012, demonstrating the ongoing improvements the company has made in reducing the environmental impact of its handsets. This has continued with Carbon Trust certification for the S8, S8+ and Note 8 models.


SK Magic




One of the leading home appliances companies in South Korea, SK Magic achieved Carbon Trust product carbon footprint certification for its Super I model air purifier. This has made the company the first in the world to achieve Carbon Trust certification for an air purifier.


Incheon Port Authority




Incheon Port Authority was awarded the Carbon Trust Standard for ongoing reductions in carbon emissions over a two year period. This was achieved through initiatives including the introduction of LED lighting for port works and putting in place 10MW of renewable power generation, while also making effective use of the Incheon liquefied natural gas line.


Incheon Airport




Incheon Airport was awarded the Carbon Trust Standard in recognition of achievements in continuing to reduce its operational carbon emissions. This was delivered through the implementation of LED lighting, as well as high efficiency freezer replacement projects to improve energy efficiency and reduce emissions, as part of the organisation's wider low carbon management strategy.






Korea District Heating Company (KDHC) was the first energy company in South Korea to be awarded the Carbon Trust product carbon footprint label for measuring the footprint of the heat and steam that it provides to its customers. The company also received certification to the Carbon Trust Standard in recognition of the carbon reductions delivered across its own operations.


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