Environmental & Sustainability Policy


Global Initiatives understands that events such as the B4E Summit will have an impact on the environment through our use of resources and waste generated from the event. These elements form the ecological footprint of the event, which we want to be aware of and to address them from the onset.  As part of our sustainability policy, we are committed to minimizing the overall environmental impact of the Summit but at the same time, with the aims of working with our various partners and vendors to learn, share, test and implement practices that will have a lasting positive influence in the future developments of the organizations involved.  




In putting the Summit together, we will engage with our partners to establish benchmarks for sustainability initiatives throughout the duration. We will support and encourage strongly, the use of recycled, reused or compostable materials, as well as, products sourced locally, sustainably or organically produced, or fair trade products. There will also be a concerted effort in the overall reduction in the use of paper and materials together with our partners.




As part of our sustainability assessment framework, we will focus on eight (8) critical components of the event including:

  • Accommodation
  • Destination/ Venue
  • Engagement and Communications
  • Exhibitions
  • Food & Beverage
  • Production
  • Secretariat and On-Site Offices
  • Transportation


For each of the core components, we will highlight best practices or specific activities that can be undertaken in order to improve the environmental and sustainability impacts of the following areas:

  • General Policy
  • Communications
  • Waste
  • Energy
  • Water
  • Air Quality
  • Procurement, and
  • Community Partners




The sustainability assessment framework will be shared with all partners and vendors with the intention to identify and measure performance outcomes and to eventually calculate the net positive impact in delivering a sustainable event.

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